Our Mission

To respect the art and craftsmanship of bartending and bar design through education, workshops, and cocktail development.

Guns for Hire

Guns for hire, is our catering business with a focus on elevating the experience by offering craft knowledge, qualified bartenders, and event specific cocktails.


Through our personalized and professionally lead courses, we can provide students with cutting edge knowledge in mixology and the art of bartending.

Current Classes

Learn the art of bartending on a professional scale


We love your feedback and thrive on your responses

"The class was fun! We enjoyed learning more about different liquors and what goes into making them perfect. Can't what to use what I learned at home!"


"Can't say enough good things about Low Key From the owners to the students to the learning and the practicing...and the drinking! You will walk away from the one night refresh with a brand new appreciation for spirits and the history behind them to the 6 week course actually learning to become a bartender: shaker set (barfly) and all! Anyone, beginner to professional, will take something away from these courses and be inspired."

Megan G.

"Their bartending classes are amazing, I learned through a great hands on experience."

John G.

"Walking away with the knowledge, tools, and recipes made the class absolutely worth the price."

Patrick Z.

Contact Us

We're able to help you with any questions you may have, and we're excited to hear them.
Please feel free to send an email to contactmelowkey@gmail.com

Our Liquid Engineers

Steven Westerhausen

With over 15 years in the Hospitality Industry, Steven brings a knowledge and passion for service that is unmatched. With a specialty in tequila, and management, Steven also owns a general contracting company "Tongue & Groove", and has developed or renovated many spots in downtown Milwaukee and beyond.

JC Cunningham

JC is the driving creative force for the cocktail program and education portions of Low Key. With over 18 years of Hospitality experience, JC is responsible for drink creation and development for all of our on-site events. JC is also the co-founder of the Hype Dance Company (est. 2001).

Tim Westerhausen

Tim is a jack of all trades applying his creativity to everything he touches. With a skill set in design, he has worked in designing haunted houses, set designs and "Escape rooms" for over 10 years. Tim applies his passion for design aesthetics to all parts of Low Key which also include our logo design.